Offshore Fishing Reports – August 16, 2018

Most everyone was acknowledging that the canyons have definitely slowed on tuna, with an occasional yellowfin between Veatch and Atlantis.
On the other hand, Coop at Coop’s Tackle on the Vineyard said the marlin fishing has been really good this season and some big blue marlin continue to be hooked.

South of the Vineyard, there is a mix of white marlin and mahi, he said, with Gordon’s Gully, the Star, the Claw, and the Dump out to the shipping lanes all producing mahi. Coop said the mahi have been on the small side, with only an occasional larger one caught, but there have been good numbers reported around the weather buoys. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why one weed patch, piece of flotsam, or high flyer is filled with fish while the one next to it is virtually dead, but I have been told that sometimes it has to do with how long it has been in the water, giving one more time to attract life such as baitfish.

Out east, any bluefin have been giants, with no school or mediums reported in the waters between the outer Cape and Crab Ledge, the Regal Sword, and the BB/BC buoys.