Offshore Fishing Report – September 4, 2015

South of the Vineyard

Slow is the optimal word; there are a few white marlin around, as well as some mahi, but tuna have been pretty much non-existent. Folks trying the Hooter have been able to consistently catch bonito, so its worth a stop on your way out.

The Canyons

Tuna fishing during the day has been tough, with most folks concentrating on using bait at night. If you can get sabiki or jig up some small bait, then livelining it is an excellent choice, while other folks are chunking butterfish and other frozen bait. Even the billfish bite has slowed, although I spoke to Capt. Jon Pilcher before he went out on Capt. Larry Backman’s Skipjack and they have been getting bit on pretty much every deep drop by swordfish.

East of Chatham

The full moon definitely but a damper on things, with most boats finding at most one fish per trip, with plenty of skunks thrown in. There is a ton of bait and whale life out there, so things could really go off soon.