Offshore Fishing Report – September 28, 2017

Apparently, there are good numbers of bluefin to be had from the shipping lanes out to the Regal Sword and Crab Ledge, as well as up around the Golf Ball and Peaked Hill Bar. Andy Little spoke to one of his customers who made a recent trip out east and had five tuna between 70 and 300-pounds – on spinning gear. Andy emphasized that there is a variety of bait that the tuna are feeding on, from mackerel to sand eels and halfbeaks, with much of the action on the surface or just below. Strategic Anglers surface lures and shallow running plugs are very effective, as are large soft plastics fished unweighted.

While casting is effective, there are also a good number of giant bluefin that are better targeted with traditional heavy tackle. Christian Giardini at Falmouth Bait & Tackle in Teaticket across from McDonald’s noted that many tuna anglers focus on live bait, especially if they can get mackerel or bluefish, or even bottom species such as hake or whiting that they can jig up where they end up fishing. Live bait is commonly used around Stellwagen, but out east of Chatham and up around Peaked Hill Bar, you will see plenty of boats dragging a mix of bars and ballyhoo. Christian prefers pink, green, or black bars out east, as well skirted and naked ballyhoo, which some his customers have caught fish on in the last couple of weeks.