Offshore Fishing Report – September 21, 2017

Prior to things getting dicey on Tuesday, a few more giant bluefin were caught up on Stellwagen; livelining bait such as mackerel or bluefish has been the way to go, reported Christian Giardini from Falmouth Bait & Tackle in Teaticket. He knows of at least three fish over 100-inches that were caught last weekend.

Out east, the bluefin have generally been smaller from Crab Ledge to the Regal Sword and up off the Golf Ball, with a good number of people targeting them with spinning tackle. Hogy Harness Jigs are specifically designed to handle big tuna, while Pro Tail Paddles and Eels have proven themselves as well the last two years when it comes to handling tuna.

When I asked Christian when he thinks that boats will be able to get back out east or even around the canyons where there had been a good yellowfin, wahoo, and marlin bite before Jose spoiled the party, he thinks some folks will head out on Sunday or Monday.