Offshore Fishing Report – September 14, 2017

Capt. Willy Hatch was preparing his boat, Machaca, for another charter this morning out of Falmouth Harbor when I had the chance to ask him about the tuna fishing out east. He wasn’t going there this morning, but he said a number of big fish are being caught on live bait, including mackerel and any groundfish that can be jigged out in those waters. In many cases where customers want to jig or pop for smaller tuna they can take home, the reality becomes clear that only giants are around, making that the only game in town.

Willy added that fish can be found anywhere from the Regal Sword and Crab Ledge up to the waters off of Peaked Hill Bar, with the frustration being that it has been impossible to determine where they are going to be feeding from day-to-day.