Offshore Fishing Report – June 29, 2018

Steve Morris at Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown confirmed that a friend of his fished the Veatch Canyon area earlier this week and caught a blue marlin, raised a couple of white marlin, and caught a small yellowfin. Steve is headed out this Sunday and promised to have a report for us on Monday.

Christian Giardini at Falmouth Bait & Tackle in Teaticket also heard about activity and good water around Veatch, with yellowfin estimated to be between 40 and 50-pounds caught. At this time of the season, Christian believes in a spread that includes naked and skirted ballyhoo, canyon splasher bars, and plugs until it can be determined what the fish want.

There are no reports of fish from the waters south of the Vineyard yet, with folks getting a bit antsy about where the small bluefin and yellowfin are that typically provide both trolling and casting action at this point in the season.