Offshore Fishing Report – June 29, 2017

According to Kevin Gould who fished in last weekend’s Tuna Fest, there were four bluefin caught, all of them on Friday out east, with three weighed in. He was next to a boat who picked up one of those fish and he said it was caught on a green spreader bar, with black a popular color as well at this time of year. Kevin explained that when the tuna show up at this time of year, they typically are moving fast and take a while to settle in. For example, he spoke to a charter captain who saw good numbers of bluefin earlier this week, but despite their best efforts, they tuna were more interested in swimming than eating what they were throwing on spinning tackle.

Steve Morris from Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown has made two trips offshore, the latest last Thursday; the first went out to Atlantis Canyon where they found very little life, but their visit to the waters south of the Shipping Lanes, in the vicinity of the Dump, produced plenty of tuna – to watch, not catch. There were fish crashing bait, including large sand eels and what Steve believes were halfbeaks. They tried to entice a fish to bite, but again they were moving fast and Steve emphasized that they tried everything, “short of a harpoon or dynamite.”