Offshore Fishing Report – July 28, 2016

To say that there are bluefin at the Dump and other spots south of the Vineyard is an understatement. There is a wide range of size tuna out there and they all appear to be keyed in on sand eels, making olive, green, and other natural colors that match this bait the way to go when choosing your bars. A wide range of bar rigging has been working, with bird splash bars and green machine bars really doing well.

For a change of pace, there are plenty of willing bluefin that like Harness Jigs, Hogy Pro Tail plastics, and larger Epoxy Jigs; according to Capt. Mike Hogan, the fish are so aggressive that you can see numerous fish following the lure before one commits.

Around the canyons, the good water is moving and ever changing right now, so having the latest satellite water temperature chart is even more important than usual. Veatch and Hydrographer keep coming up as areas where many boats keep heading, with skirted ballyhoo absolutely the best way to go when setting up your spread.