Offshore Fishing Report – July 20, 2017

The Dump, the Claw, Gordon’s Gully, and the Shipping Lanes were all spots that folks mentioned this week when talking about where they caught tuna, both yellowfin and bluefin. Most boats have been fishing a mix of smaller bird bars; multi-bird green machine rigs; skirted ballyhoo; and Harness Jigs. Jim Young advised that the Hogy/Standard Issue sand eel bar has been popular, with its natural coloration and appearance effective among all the sand eels offshore.

Some folks have been targeting tuna on spinning gear with Epoxy Jigs and topwater plugs around the 20 to 25-fathom line and hooking up, but the boats that have been going to the canyons have only managed some small yellowfin, with even mahi tough to come by. A received one report from an angler who was a guest on a boat that went to East Atlantis last Saturday and found nothing but cold water, while he heard from J.P. Kamateris that an overnight trip that he took downtown last Friday produced four small yellowfin.