Offshore Fishing Report – July 13, 2018

The Falmouth Grand Prix has been running this week from Monday through Friday and a number of interesting catches have been registered.

Perhaps the most impressive was the 205-pound bigeye that Scott Clay and his group caught, but it becomes more so when you consider it was part of an event that offshore folks often call being “wolfpacked” as five rods went down at once – all of them bigeye. And they managed to catch all of them.

Christian Giardini of Falmouth Bait & Tackle in Teaticket fished aboard Jay Miller’s boat on Monday and they caught and released a white marlin that taped out at over six feet, as well as a number of 40 to 50-pound yellowfin.

Christian said that pretty much anything worked as long as you got it over the fish, including green machines along or in daisy chains or smaller spreader bars. They also used single offshore lures successfully, with one of the challenges keeping the skipjacks off the lures.

Other boats caught yellowfin up to 60-pounds and a boat not entered in the tournament lost a big blue marlin while it was jumping.

All of this activity occurred between East Atlantis and Veatch Canyons where there is a good break of 72-degree water.

Larry Backman continues to pick at swordfish deep dropping the daytime and he brought one in on Monday that provided photo ops for the folks at the Tides bulkhead.

Christian has heard of a small 15-20 pound bluefin from the Claw and another small bluefin from the Dump, so there is some sense that some fish are starting to move in closer, south of the Vineyard, while he has heard talk of bluefin out east. Folks have apparently marked fish, but no catches have been reported – yet.