Offshore Fishing Report | August 18, 2016

Adam Fasci said that while the bluefin bite south of the Vineyard and Nantucket has slowed way down, there are plenty of mahi within eighty miles of the southside of the Grey Lady. All it takes is targeting the crab pots, lobster pots, and weed patches or other flotsam to get into the action; casting is definitely the most fun and Adam said the typical method is to use a small squid on a hook that you cast towards the structure. Once you hook up, you bring the fish in, but don’t land it, putting the rod in a rod holder instead to draw the other fish out. He went out to explain that these are mainly small, “chicken” mahi as opposed to the larger, 20 to 30-pound fish you might find in the Canyons. Typically, they are “day savers” after a trip to the northeast corner of the Dump doesn’t produce any tuna.

Adam said the warm water south of the islands is so warm that the bluefin have dispersed; he believes that they will move east, with the Regal Sword most likely where the next good bite will occur.

The Canyons have been slow on tuna, but there are still good numbers of marlin in the area, most likely due to all of the small yellowfin that are perfect size for blue marlin.

Closer to the Vineyard, there are some wahoo, reported Jim Young, as well as some white marlin, while a friend of Capt. John Galvin reported catching a blue marlin south of the island.