Offshore Fishing Report – August 17, 2017

Jim Young at Eastman’s Sport & Tackle in Falmouth said that with the
heavy swells offshore from the passing hurricane, he hadn’t heard of anyone going
offshore and I imagine that the blow today will put the kibosh on any plans for

Matt Manera out on Nantucket reported that a mix of bluefin and yellowfin was
reported around the northeast corner of the Dump, along with a few wahoo. Green
spreader bars and ballyhoo rigged with Capt. Joe Shute skirts have been working
on the tuna. There are still some mahi south of the Vineyard, while there are bluefin
out at the Claw.

Taylor Trudel answered the phone at Dick’s Bait & Tackle in Edgartown and told
me that the owner of the shop, Steve Morris, had heard of a good tuna bite down
around Cox Ledge and was headed there today. Hopefully we will have a report
tomorrow morning about how Steve and his fellow anglers did.