Offshore Fishing Report – August 14, 2015

South of the Vineyard

Steve Morris said there are still some white marlin to be had around the Claw and the Owl, but the bluefin seem to have moved out east. The mahi bite is also OK, but they are generally on the small side.

East of Chatham

Capt. Willy Hatch had an interesting observation; he has run into loads of life on his trips east, with birds, bait, and whales, but that hasn’t necessarily been where the fish are. On a number of occasions, he has steamed past all of the action for several miles into what seems dead water and that’s where he has hooked up. Ballyhoo with Joe Shute skirts are working really well, but darker colored splasher bars are still part of everyone’s spread. Some folks are also trolling huge, custom Strategic Angler plugs, while casting plugs, both topwater and subsurface, is working, along with throwing soft plastic/jighead combinations or working them deep when marking fish that won’t come up. Many of the fish are in the 50 to 60-inch class, but there are some much bigger fish around as well.

The Canyons

Not many boats ventured out earlier this week due to winds out of the northeast, but some really nice bigeye tuna were weighed in during the Block Island tournament and everyone entered in this weekend’s Big Game Battle on Nantucket is counting on a clear weather window. Other than that, the canyon chatter has been almost non-existent this week.