Offshore Fishing Report – August 11, 2017

Capt. Matt Reinemo reported that the fishing around the Star, Dump, Gordon’s Gully, and Claw has been frustratingly slow lately. Even though he has been more of a troller since that is the way he learned to catch tuna, he admitted that the last two fish he caught were on casting gear. One was on a white four-ounce Hogy Pro Tail Paddle and the other on a purple Harness Jig, which was caught purely by luck as they happened upon some busting bluefin after only managing some mahi at the Owl. Matt said they probably would have had a double, but a shearwater grabbed the Pro Tail that another angler had tossed into the mix. There are smaller bluefin down around Jenny’s and Ryan’s Horn and some of the smaller boats are also considering a trip to the Shipping Lanes.

Most of the boats in the Big Game Battle were headed to the canyons; Hydrographer and Oceanographer have been holding both yellowfin and bigeye. Todd Benedict at Falmouth Bait & Tackle said that they have been selling a lot of Capt. Joe Shute lures lately, which are typically paired with a ballyhoo. Smaller canyon bars are working as well.

Steve Morris at Dick’s Bait and Tackle on the Vineyard has become a devoted offshore/big game angler and he pointed out what might seem like the obvious, that it’s a big ocean out there on the canyons, making intel critical to a boat’s success. He told me that they were within twelve miles recently of a good yellowfin and bigeye bite and another time they were off the action by just five miles. Apparently you can often tell what is going on by the chatter on the VHF, but having other boats out there who are willing to let you know what is going on is awfully helpful.