Nantucket Sound Black Sea Bass – May 29, 2016


On Sunday morning, Pop’s Call headed out of Osterville to the obstruction area located 2.5NM due south of Bass River in search of black sea bass. There was a sizable fleet of recreational, charter and party boats in the area but the bite was spread out enough for boats to have comfortable drifts and steady action.

Many of the fish were shorter than the 15″ minimum, but keepers were mixed in every 5 fish or so. You also didn’t have to stick with the large fleet to find fish. Much of the structure surrounding the area also held sea bass of a similar size. Diamond and SI Squinnow jigs were the preferred lures, especially since fishing bait with all of the smaller fish around proved less than efficient.


If you’re planning on grilling the black sea bass whole like we did, fish just over the 15″ keeper size are actually preferable since they are easier to manage when baking or grilling.