Nantucket Fishing Report – September 7, 2018

A fly-rod bonito caught while fishing with Nantucket Fishing.

Matt Manera at Nantucket Tackle Center went out east to the Figs on Monday and they caught good numbers of cod and haddock, as well as a halibut. There were halfbeaks jumping around as well, so Matt is hoping that this is a good sign for the boats that are fishing the Bluefin Blast this weekend. Matt also made a trip south of the island five days ago and all they managed was some chicken mahi. The Bonito Bar has been good, but he said it has been up-and-down, with no albies reported as well. Matt spoke to a boater who managed some bass at Miacomet Rip, while shore anglers have been doing best along the southside towards Nobadeer and Madequecham.

According to Dave Stetson, two fish were hooked up at Great Point that the anglers believed might have been albies, but they both managed to get off, so who knows? It is likely that the false albacore will start to show very soon, especially with this change of weather scheduled to start tonight. There are good numbers of small bluefish around Eel and Smith’s Point, with bonito fishing good on the west side of the island. Up around Great Point, a few bass have been caught around the Galls, with swimmers such as Daiwa SP Minnows and Bombers, as well as soft plastics, most commonly used. Finally, Dave said the fluke fishing east of the island remains very good.