Nantucket Fishing Report – September 3, 2016

Matt Rienemo, like most folks are the Cape and Islands, was uncertain about what the upcoming bad weather would mean for fishing around Nantucket. He did expect that the water would be dirty for a bit, but within two to three days afterward it should be clear enough for the fishing to pick up again. Generally speaking, the bonito and albie fishing has been hit-or-miss; the Bonito Bar has a decent pick of both species one day, but it is quiet the next. Folks up around Great Point have picked up an albie or two during some of their recent trips, but many others have produced little or no action. Sand eels traditionally drive the funny fish action on the island, so keep that in mind when choosing a lure or fly. There are bluefish pretty much all around the island, with some of the best action from Siasconset to Sankaty; some of these fish are really big right now and are more likely to be caught from boat than shore. The bass fishing at night was good again around the south shore; it was pretty much a question of finding the spot where the bait and bass were, with the stretch from Madaket to Cisco a good place to start. Matt told me that while pearl Bombers have traditionally been a good lure for boat anglers working the rips to the east of the island, shore anglers at night stick with darker colors, especially black. When it comes to plugs, the shore crew is about equally divided between old school Bombers and the newer Daiwa SP Minnow.