Nantucket Fishing Report – September 28, 2017

Matt Manera from the Nantucket Tackle Center said that the fishing is slowing around the island, but there are definitely some spots that are producing a variety of species. Great Point is probably your best bet for albies, both from beach and boat, while the Bonito Bar has been tough to fish due to the rough conditions that are still around. Matt explained that you are going to have to pick through a good number of bluefish up at Great Point for every albie you catch, with a few bonito taken as well. He added that you are also going to have to accept betting “sealed” as this area is filled with them.

Along the southside, fishing is still virtually impossible due to the high surf. There have been some schools of albies seen working off the beach, but they are 150-yards or more out, keeping them well out of range of any shore angler, if he or she even thought of dealing with the dangerous rip currents. With swells up to 12-feet, boaters are also avoiding the southside.

As far as bass go, there are some fish up inside the harbor, including around Polpis and around the Second and Third Points of Coatue. Surface plugs such as Smack-its catch plenty of fish, as do unweighted soft plastics in the six to seven-inch range.

The northside is also seeing some good action on bass around Dionis, the 40th Pole, and Eel Point; Matt advised that along with soft plastics, the Daiwa SP Minnow is a popular choice on the island. Years ago, I recall that Nantucket surf anglers I spoke to kept speaking about pearl Bombers, so I would imagine that SP Minnows in the same color range would be the way to go.