Nantucket Fishing Report – September 25, 2016

The false albacore fishing has been fairly consistent around Nantucket, although the hotspot has often moved from spot to spot around the island. Overall, Great Point has had good numbers of fish, both from the beach and boat, with Hogy Epoxy Jigs accounting for numerous albies. There have also been schools around Madaket and Tuckernuck, as well as the Bonito Bar. Speaking of the latter area, Matt Reinemo reported that while things had been quiet on bones, but there have been a couple entered in the first two weeks of the Nantucket Inshore Classic, sponsored by the Nantucket Anglers’ Club, that runs from September 11 to October 15. No boat bass have been entered in the Inshore Classic, which limits catches to the waters within three miles of the island, but two stripers over 20-pounds captured the shore division lead over the first two weeks. Matt explained that he doesn’t have the opportunity to do much beach fishing and particularly at night, but he did so this week and managed a schoolie from a southside location. There are good numbers of small bluefish around the island and some big ones mixed in as well, with Sankaty traditionally a good boat spot, particularly at this time of year, while shore bluefish are perhaps the most common catch on the island for the sand people, who typically find fish along the beaches on the southside and up around Great Point.