Nantucket Fishing Report – October 6, 2017

Matt Manera from the Nantucket Tackle Center told me that with the swell quieting on the southside of the island, folks have started catching bass again from the airport east to Sankaty. Matt has really caught on to the Hogy 6.5-inch/2 ounce Pro Tail Paddle in both UV Plug Yellow (yellow over white) and UV Black Purple Flake. Matt had typically used Hogy’s and other plastics on jigheads, but told me that the Pro Tails swim great, cast well, and really catch fish.

Matt emphasized that while most of the bass are in the schoolie to small legal size, say 30-inches, there have been some fish up to 25-pounds caught during the Nantucket Inshore Classic that runs for a couple more weeks. Along with the south facing beaches, the harbor is holding some bass, with some anglers making the long trek to Coatue while Matt prefers fishing the Polpis area. Unweighted soft plastics and Smack-it poppers are effective options when it comes to targeting bass in the harbor.

There are still bluefish being caught on the east side of the island, but most folks have been targeting albies up around Great Point, where four fish from the beach in just over an hour of fishing isn’t uncommon. Matt said that albies are also spread along the east side down as far as Sankaty, and wherever they are being caught, 1.25-ounce Hogy Epoxy Jigs are the island favorite, with Deadly Dicks another choice.

The waters on the west side of the island are still big and dirty, so nobody is really fishing there, but folks have been catching bass and bluefish around the Old Man. Matt explained that while some folks prefer to use wire and parachutes, with white his favorite color, others troll big pearl Bombers and do quite well.