Nantucket Fishing Report – October 20, 2017

Beach anglers are still having fun with albies up around Great Point, but there are also some being caught from the Galls down to Sankaty at times. This area also holds some good bluefishing, so at times you have to pick through the blues to find any false albacore; that means you had better carry extra lures since funny fish typically shy away from heavy leaders that are required in dealing with choppers.

Boaters are not only catching albies up off of Great Point, but the Bonito Bar is also fishing pretty well. Along with the typical assortment of funny fish lures, Nantucket folks also are fond of casting Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows.

The bass fishing around the southside beaches has been OK, with a typical fall pattern consisting of good action one night as a school of stripers moves in to feed on bait that is pushed into an area by the conditions or has simply migrated into the area, while the next might be deader than dead as the stripers have some place else to be on their way south and west. Big soft plastics are popular along the sand, as are Bombers and Daiwa SP Minnows, and most successful anglers on the island stick with light colors (pearl, Wonderbread, or white) in the bright and black, blurple, or dark green at night.