Nantucket Fishing Report – June 29, 2017

Capt. Matt Reinemo at Nantucket Tackle Center said the flats around Tuckernuck and other spots to the west of the island continue to hold good numbers of bass, but they are becoming a big more finicky. As opposed to sand eel or other baitfish patterns, flyrodders are turning to more crab imitations, with the Capt. Crabby an island favorite.

With a continuation of heavy south/southwest winds between 15 and 20 knots, and sometimes as high as 30, the waters along the southside of the island are muddy and weeded up, making it tough for both shore and boat anglers.

There are plenty of bluefish to the east of Sankaty for boaters, but they aren’t acting in their typical crazy, hit-everything-in-sight way, making the usual topwater plugs quite often a no-go. Instead, Matt said, slimmer profile topwater plugs are the ticket, perhaps an indication that the blues are keyed in on sand eels rather than bigger baits such as squid or herring. Another option might be needlefish plugs such as the Super Strike that can be fished on top as well as subsurface.

Shore fishing for blues is good from Sankaty up to the Galls, but for sand people looking for bass the best options are inside the harbor and along the north shore.

Fluke fishing east of Sankaty is improving, with Matt explaining that rather than using a rig manufactured by a tackle company that will catch fluke, but mostly smaller ones, the sharpies targeting doormats prefer Spro jigs tipped with squid or Gulp! baits, which have really caught on out on the island. It is common to fish for bass while the tide is really moving and then switch over to fluke in the same areas as the current gets quieter.