Nantucket Fishing Report – June 22, 2018

Grace Canfield at Nantucket Tackle Center was good enough to take some time away from a busy shop to tell me that fishing around the island is really good. A young angler told her that he picked up 43 bass plugging around Madequecham; none of them were legal size, but there have been plenty of similar reports with no lack of fish. Fishing inside Nantucket Harbor has been very good, with bass taking plugs and soft plastics, especially in the morning and evenings, with boat traffic definitely on the upswing as school is out and the summer folk and tourists are visiting the Grey Lady in greater numbers.

The bluefish have shown up, Grace noted, with a shore angler picking up all he wanted around Eel Point yesterday; topwater plugs are definitely the way to go when fishing for blues, with Roberts’ Rangers the top producer.

The scup fishing is very good and there are sea bass around, and even though not many people are interested in them, there are large numbers of sea robins. Most folks don’t know this, but sea robins are good eating, with two nice pieces of white meat along the tail section and they aren’t that difficult to clean. Some folks even make strip baits out of the tail that work well on fluke and really stay on the hook.