Nantucket Fishing Report – June 22, 2017

Capt. Matt Reinemo from Nantucket Tackle Center was just returning from another good day on the flats to the west of the island; he said there are still plenty of fish and the quality is good, with a number of just legal size up to the mid-30-inch range. Matt said he usually takes more spin anglers to the flats than fly, but he is doing more trips with the latter this year. His favorite spin lure is the six-inch Hogy Skinny in bone/white fished unweighted and Texas rigged; he likes that this soft plastic rides high in the water column and it can be fished quickly to create some surface commotion. When it comes to flies, chartreuse Doyle’s Dazzlers (basically a Clouser with an extra heavy dose of gold Flashabou) are his choice on overcast days, while he switches over to an epoxy pattern when the sun is high in the sky. The southside beaches are pretty muddied up after all the wind of the past week or so, but shore anglers are doing well up inside the harbor. Larger soft plastics are popular, as are poppers and stickbaits such as the Smack-it, Jr., the Rebel Jumpin’ Minnow, and MirrOlure Top Dog’s and Top Dog Jr.’s. The northside is also producing some bass for the beach people. Matt has heard that the Old Man, while still a shadow of what it was a while back, is improved this year, with both bass and blues around. If you prefer bluefish, then the waters from Sankaty to Quidnet will make you happy with big choppers in good supply.