Nantucket Fishing Report – July 7, 2017

Capt. Matt Reinemo is not fishing the flats as much, but there are still some nice bass being caught on crab and other crustacean flies. Matt is fishing up around Great Point more, where a good number of bass are producing some good sport. The six-inch Hogy Skinny is Matt’s go to lure when working the points and edges of the rip, especially in bone. As is often the case with rips, all of the water can look fishy, but knowing where the bait concentration is key; sand eels are the main forage, with no squid around to speak of. Matt is also happy that there aren’t many bluefish around yet, so his soft plastic supply is safe from their jaws – for the moment.

The Old Man is holding bass and blues as well; jigging 150-feet of wire with a parachute jig is common practice – as long as the jig is white. Some people cast plugs or plastics in order to enjoy the visual display, but overall working deep is the best option.

Shore anglers have been doing best around the east side of the island, from Sankaty up to the east side of the Galls, especially at night; the beaches leading to and including Great Point are closed to vehicles due to nesting plovers. Black six-inch Original Hogy’s are a good choice for angling after dark, along with Daiwa SP Minnows and Bombers; these swimmers are good choices with olive backs since they do a good job of imitating sand eels in profile and coloration.

Fishing up inside the harbor is starting to slow due to warmer water and increased boat traffic. There are small, out-of-the-way spots that the locals fish and they manage some bass on most trips, but there has really been no word lately of any big stripers.

Out east of Sankaty, the fluke and sea bass fishing remains very good, with everything from party boats to charterboats to private vessels managing to catch their limits of both species.