Nantucket Fishing Report – August 9, 2018

Matt Manera was back at Nantucket Tackle Center and reported that bonito have shown up in good numbers around, where else, the Bonito Bar; pink or olive Epoxy Jigs and Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows are top choices on the island and folks use them from beach and boat. Speaking of the beaches, a few bonito have been caught from the sand up around Great Point, with bluefish in the mix there as well as between Eel Point and Smith’s Point and Madaket.

As far as bass go, the bite is definitely best at night; many folks turn to fishing eels in the dark, but black or other dark colored Hogy’s and minnow style swimmers such as Daiwa SP Minnows and Bombers, again in darker shades, will still produce some stripers. First and Second Point on Coatue and the Jetties area are spots where people seek stripers in the dog days of summer, as well as spots along the east shore of the island such as Quidnet and the beach in front of the Sankaty Country Club. On the southside, the stretch between Madequecham and Nobadeer.

10+ pound bluefish like this one are being caught with regularity off Sankaty.

Boaters are trolling for bass and blues in the shoals off of Sankaty and Bob Lewis told me that last weekend the Old Man was filled with small bonito.

Dave Stetson at Bill Fisher Tackle left no doubt that what he was about to say was the truth: an angler fishing Coatue last weekend hooked and jumped a tarpon before breaking it off. There were at least five or six other people who saw the fish clear the water and they said it was a tarpon. Leave it at that.
Now, when it comes to more commonly seen fish around the Grey Lady, Dave said there were some larger bluefish being caught on the east side of the island, especially around the Galls, while the blues to the west around Smith’s Point and Eel Point have been on the small side.

Bass fishing is, as mentioned earlier, a night time affair; typically, Nantucket anglers are lure fishermen at heart, but at this time of year they will use eels along the south and east side beaches.

Fluke fishing to the east and southeast of the island remains fantastic, with some boats returning with multiple double digit doormats.