Nantucket Fishing Report – August 31, 2018

Cross Rip Outfitters on Nantucket has been dialed in on bonito.

When it comes to fishing on the Grey Lady, Matt Manera from the Nantucket Tackle Center said that the Bonito Bar is where it’s at. The bonito bite there has been outstanding this year, with Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows and Hogy Epoxy Jigs the two top choices for most island anglers. The Holographic Chartreuse, Green Mackerel, and Sardine are popular colors in the traditional Crystal Minnow Sinking series, with the Candy Deep Diver also catching on this year. In the 3-D series, the Florescent Pink in the Crystal Minnow, Deep Diver, and Jointed Deep Diver is a popular color, similar to how the pink Epoxy Jig is quite successful in catching Nantucket bones.

Matt said no albies have been caught yet, but there are some bluefish on the shoals and bass from Nobadeer to Madequecham at night; live eels are effective on stripers, but folks who don’t want to deal with them use black Hogy’s as a productive substitute. Black and black/purple SP Minnows and Bombers are another nighttime alternative.

Dave Stetson at Bill Fisher Tackle had a great story about a guy who caught a bluefish around the Galls this week and cast in out in hopes of landing a brown shark. Instead, he ended up hooking a ray that was seven-feet across and estimated at 300-pounds; this angler was loaded for bear, with 100-pound braid, a 200-pound leader, and a cable wire bite leader, but he could never get this creature up on the beach. Ultimately, it broke off, but still made for a great fish story.

There have been some schools of bluefish at Smith Point and the bonito are definitely concentrated on the west side of the island, with Great Point generally slow except for the occasional bluefish from beach and boat.

Yesterday, Bob Lewis joined Frank Torbey, Paul Caruso, and Frank’s brother-in-law for some fluke fishing south of Nantucket; the didn’t catch any monster, with the top fish about 26-inches with plenty of 20 to 22-inch summer flatties caught as well. On the way back, they noticed something large floating around Handkerchief Shoal and stopped in case someone was in trouble, but what they found was a dead whale that appeared to have a marker attached to it.