Nantucket Fishing Report – August 3, 2017

Adam Fasci from the Nantucket Tackle Center reported that boaters trolling Yo-zuri Deep Diving Crystal Minnows are catching more bonito around the Bonito Bar on the incoming tide. The numbers of fish have not increased and concentrated to the point where anchoring up and casting is best. There are still bluefish pretty much all around the island, with the southside beaches best for shore anglers while boaters can take their pick, with the stretch from Sankaty to Great Point usually popular with both charterboat and recreational anglers. A few bonito have also been caught at Great Point. The flats have warmed up to the point where the fish are very picky, especially when combined with the pressure they have faced so far this year. The fluke bite is OK off of Sankaty, but Adam said you aren’t going to go there right now and just catch a bunch of 10-pounders; in fact, some folks who concentrate on big fluke will run towards the shoals towards the Vineyard. That said, Adam explained that if you are going to make that run, most people are making the choice to go a bit farther and fish for tuna.