Nantucket Fishing Report | August 18, 2016

Adam Fasci from the Nantucket Tackle Center reported that the Bonito Bar has slowed a bit, with Yo-zuri Crystal Minnows a top choice for light tackle anglers while any fly that resembles a sand eel is the logical way to go for a flyrodder.

There have been reports of albies around, but Adam acknowledged that he hasn’t seen any. The bass bite along the south shore has picked up this week, with a good number of stripers in the mid-20 to low 30-inch moving in to feed on the sand eels that have been driven up against the beaches. Sand eels pretty much drive the bonito bite around the island, as well as the bluefin that swim in the waters to the south, and the key with the bass is finding where the bait is schooled. Black or white Hogy’s are very popular on the island; in most conditions you can fish them unweighted, but with a wind out of the south, combining them with a one-ounce jighead will get you the added distance you need. As for bluefish, they are all around the island, providing plenty of topwater action for both shore and boat anglers.