Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds Fishing Report – September 8, 2016

It’s a little surprising that there haven’t been any reports of albies from Nobska to Falmouth Harbor, but that isn’t the case to the east. Waquoit Bay has had some really good schools of fish this week, particularly with a good outgoing tide. Nate Porter sent me a photo of a baitfish that his friend, Bob Perpall, scooped up when the albie he caught last Saturday tossed its lunch. It was clearly a bay anchovy, a perfect baitfish for albies since they school tightly and aren’t particularly fast swimmers, similar to peanut bunker.

Before the effects of Hermine were felt, there were reports of schools of albies popping up between New Seabury and Osterville, as well, while Craigville has been hot-and-cold.

With so many boaters pretty much fixated on albies, bass reports from the sounds have been tough to come by.
On the other hand, Jeff Clabault fished Popponesset on Tuesday evening and caught stripers up to 35-inches using Storm Shads and Yo-zuri MagMinnows, with the latter particularly effective after dark. He also caught a six-pound bluefish and had a number of others chop up his soft plastics. There was a great deal of life up in the bay, with snappers feeding on small bait and bass popping up pretty regularly.
One of the best parts of Jeff’s report is that he found the water surprisingly clean, with very little weed or suspended sand.

Over around the Three Bays, Bob Lewis said there is a ton of bait, including adult pogies, which typically draw in some big bluefish this time of year. As the water temperature drops, the water should clear up and it is pretty common to catch everything from schoolies to really big bass if you are willing to snag-and-liveline a bunker.

With all of the snappers around in the protected waters along the southside, snapper popper rigs are very popular, and Lee Boisvert at Riverview Bait & Tackle had a good story of an angler who was using one of those setups in hopes of catching some mini-blues, but managed a couple of just legal bass for his efforts.