Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds Fishing Report – September 29, 2016

Jeff Clabault fished Popponesset earlier this week and said there was a ton of bait around. As opposed to the large schools of adult pogies that were around last week, this time he said that there were only a few around, with more peanut bunker, baby herring, and silversides around. He managed to catch bass just shy of 30-inches on the small, 5 1/8-inch purple/silver Daiwa SP Minnow, but suspected that the fish were feeding so heavily that unweighted/lightly weighted soft plastics such as the Hogy 6-inch Skinny or 7-inch Original would have worked well, too.

Last week, Jeff caught bass up to 36-inches snagging and livelining pogies more towards the point, but on his latest trip he did well in the creek and where it opens up into the bay. Since big bluefish often follow and feed on the schools of pogies, Jeff had hoped to catch one as well, but he came up empty.

He has heard that there are still pogies up inside Waquoit, Cotuit, and Chatham, but from what I witnessed last week, there were plenty of schools in open water off of Popponesset/New Seabury, Osterville, Craigville, Yarmouth . . . well, you get the idea. Nothing seemed to be bothering them and it’s hard to say whether they will have moved on after this blow.

Snappers remain active in the numerous backwaters that empty into the sounds and schoolie activity has increased inside the Three Bays, Bass and Parker’s River, around Harwich, and Stage Harbor as the water is cooling and there is still plenty of bait around, as well as less algae and murkiness during the heat and humidity of summer.

The last word I got was that the albie action had slowed significantly from Waquoit to Hyannis and beyond, with things picking up more towards Falmouth. What this is caused by is open to conjecture, but I believe it must have to do with bait movement and availability. Again, only time will tell what we will find once things settle down and we can cruise around, looking for funny fish.