Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds Fishing Report – May 18, 2018

I have received a few reports of empty shakedown cruises from folks looking for bass, but most boaters have been concentrating on squid jigging. Unfortunately, the bite has slowed over the last several days, with even the draggers moving around in search of some schools. Last week, the action was really good down around Collier’s, and if you are determined to catch some Loligo for dinner or bait, the waters from the Ledge back to Cotuit are probably better bets than spots to the west in the Falmouth area.

Shore anglers are finding some better-sized stripers in myriad places along the southside; Jeff Clabault reported a 31-inch bass caught on bait off of Popponesset’s Sandy Beach, as well as another 30+-inch bass from South Cape Beach.

Watch as Capt. Mike and Capt. Larry Backman join the squid fleet on May 7th.

The shellfish guys told Jim Young at Eastman’s Sport & Tackle in Falmouth that they have seen some larger fish inside Waquoit, but in spots that saw worm hatches last week and continue to provide more consistent activity this week, the stripers are definitely schoolies.

I had hoped to receive some positive news on the bluefish front, but other than one scrawny chopper that Jeff Clabault said looked like what a holdover bluefish would look like if they, indeed, hung around these parts all winter, things have been disappointing on the chopper front. Even a friend of Mike Thomas’s who fishes for bluefish commercially had nothing good to report from the southside.

Bass River continues to live up to its name and the numerous rivers around Dennis and Harwich are also producing decent numbers of schoolies, especially up inside where the water is just a tad bit more to the liking of any striper in the area in terms of temperature.

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