Nantucket and Vineyard Sound Fishing Report – September 28, 2017

I hope that other folks have had different experiences than me this week as Monday was the last banner albie day we had before things went downhill from there.

We fished Craigville on Monday in the fog and hooked up one albie from a school that erupted just 50-feet or so from the boat. There were far more small bluefish and they had stuffed themselves with peanut bunker that they looked like footballs with their swollen guts.

On our way past Waquoit where the ebb tide was ending, we were treated to some exciting action as albies were moving from rip-to-rip and a multitude of edges. These were happy fish and they ate well, but since then the only news I have received concerned a pop up and then long periods of nothing.

The rips off Nobska were setting up good on Monday afternoon as we headed back to Falmouth Harbor and there were albies playing in the chop wherever you looked. Any hopes of a repeat on Tuesday and Wednesday were dashed as the seas were flat and devoid of any life to speak of.

Bob Lewis fished from Cotuit to Waquoit and Nobska, and as he admitted later, “I should have stayed inside Cotuit and caught the bass I found.” He saw a few albie splashes coming out of Cotuit, but he only had a rod rigged up with a popper that he wanted to through at bass and blues.

He found schoolies in North Bay and had large pods of bass erupt around his boat as he passed the Narrows, but he had other plans in mind.

The level of schoolie activity has varied from one backwater to another all the way from Falmouth to Chatham. Nobody has commented on a lack of bait pretty much anywhere along the southside shoreline and up inside the many protected bodies of water that empty into the sound. We should be hearing about occasional blitzes of bass and I imagine that some of them took place under the cover of darkness, but with each passing series of outgoing tides, we are getting closer to the END! That means carrying rods equipped with small, peanut bunker profile lures, as well as at least one for that moment when a school of funny fish erupt right next to you.

Ben Clabault from Forestdale Bait & Tackle on Route 130 fished the Popponesset spit in the evening and through darkness earlier in the week and managed a couple of 27-inch bass around the entrance channel to Poppy Bay. He was using a Daiwa SP Minnow and noted that any larger fish were caught after sundown, and overall, there weren’t as many schoolies as he thought there would be. Even the quantity of bait around the point was down from what Ben would expect at this point in the season.

Andy Little believes that the fog really cut down on the funny fish reports this week, but he did say the action on the little tunny appeared to be slowing down. Some folks believe that Craigville Beach, Point Gammon, and Bass River are hot early when the bait shows, with the largest number of albies moving often times moving to the west in Buzzards Bay as they seek whatever it is that causes them to stop and feed.