Nantucket and Vineyard Sound Fishing Report – October 27, 2017

It would probably take me less time to tell you where you can’t find schoolies along the southside, there are that many small bass in that many places. Waquoit is a popular area for shore anglers since there are some easily accessible locations up inside the bay with good fishing. The shorelines of Great and Green Ponds, on the other hand, are dominated by private homes.

Ken Cirillo with an albie caught in the sound this week.
Ken Cirillo with an albie caught in the sound this week.

With albies still around, though, the jetties off of these area are still providing some opportunities to catch the last of these tunoids from shore. Jim Young at Eastman’s Sport & Tackle in Falmouth said that he even saw some hardcore folks casting from the rocks in the horrible weather this week.

Ben Clabault at Forestdale Bait & Tackle on Route 130 told me that he and his dad have been fishing up inside Popponesset Bay and picking up mainly schoolies, although his dad has caught at least one bass approaching legal size. Small paddletail soft plastics continue to be your best bet in terms of lures; blindcasting has produced most of the Clabault’s fish, but Ben added that at times there has been some surface activity as a small school starts working on top.

Although he hasn’t managed one himself this week, Ben was told that an occasional bluefish has been caught around Cross Street in Cotuit; this area is a good late fall spot with bass often pushing bait against the shore from here to Loop Beach. The interesting part is that in year’s past, some larger fish have been caught here, most likely the bass that have been harassing the schools of adult pogies up inside the Three Bays.

Bob Lewis noted that on most mornings there have been smaller bass on top in the Three Bays; he has found them to be a lot of fun on a fly rod, with poppers on a floating line his preferred method of casting for them. There is still a good amount of bait around and water temperatures were still in the low 60’s before the last several days of rain.

Some of the micro bait that has been keeping the albies busy on the sound side.
Some of the micro bait that has been keeping the albies busy on the sound side.

They have been picky, but as recently as the beginning of the week, people were still catching albies around Osterville and Craigville. Using a combination of a metal or Epoxy Jig and a fly, Ken Cirillo picked up a couple fishing with Bob Lewis, while the latter had to go to a very small bay anchovy fly created by Capt. Warren Marshall to catch his on the fly rod. Bob sent me some photos of the bait that the fish were spitting up and all I can is it was small.

Bass River has plenty of small stripers, but Lee Boisvert from Riverview Bait & Tackle in Yarmouth added that they had some unwelcome visitors up in Grand Cove as well: a pod of at least six seals were working a school of pogies and making quite a scene. Lee added that seals in the river aren’t something new, but a group of that number is not typical. Apparently, they haven’t affected the striper fishing as Lee spoke to one intrepid angler who fished well up inside the river in the rain and found plenty of schoolies.

Small bass is also the name of the game in the many rivers, estuaries and harbors that dot the shoreline from Dennis to Chatham, with an occasional small bluefish in the mix.

On Monday, it was reported that there were large schools of albies outside of Stage Harbor, but despite trying every fly and trick in their book, the members of the Cape Cod Flyrodders were frustrated by their refusal to eat their assortment of “bugs.” Apparently, spin anglers didn’t have any luck either.