Nantucket and Vineyard Sound Fishing Report – October 18, 2018

If the winds keep up as they have recently, the best bet for boaters is to concentrate on the multitude of protected waters along the southside where there are still good numbers of schoolies and enough larger fish to keep things interesting.

Waquoit Bay is typically a good late October location for varying levels of small striper activity, but Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore told me that a friend reported finding a school of adult bunker recently up inside Little River and managed to catch-and-release a 40+-inch striper caught on a livelined pogy.

Bob Lewis emphasized that his trips last weekend around the Three Bays area were quiet until around dusk when he happened upon solid surface activity with small bass on both occasions. This area is also known as a good spot to seek out a school or two of adult pogies that attract some larger bass and even the occasional greaser bluefish.

Andy Little at The Powderhorn in Hyannis said that folks who daily make the trip along the shoreline from Osterville to Craigville have reported seeing concentrations of birds working over feeding fish; even though water temperatures are still lingering around numbers that albies find to their liking and the small bait still thick, the odds are that these frenzies consist of bass and blues that will hang around longer as the winds chase the funny fish out.

Lee Boisvert at Riverview Bait and Tackle in Yarmouth had word of a 22-pound striper caught well up inside Bass River, providing another example of how larger bass can be successfully targeted as we slip towards the latter part of October. Lee added that there are also good numbers of schoolies in the rivers from Yarmouth to Harwich, along with some good activity on small bluefish from the beaches.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what is going on with the schools of albies that were hanging off Stage Harbor, but any cooling off inshore waters will typically see them move towards Monomoy Point before they disappear offshore.