Monomoy Fishing Report – September 4, 2015

The fishing for bass in the rips has definitely picked up recently, with the falling tide producing best as boaters have reported consistent action from day-to-day. One of the most effective techniques has been stemming the tide and drifting “rip flies” back into the white water on lead core line. It’s interesting that the fish are taking what most folks consider squid imitations when there haven’t been many of these baits around, at least in terms of their usual jetting around as they are pursued by bass and blues. Most folks feel the fish are feeding mainly on sand eels, the other big source of food in the rips and flyrodders have done well with bigger, weighted patterns. No matter what the bait is, soft plastics are typically very effective in the rips, but changing size and color until you come up with the hot item has been more important this season, with bubblegum not always the end all, be all color that it usually is down Monomoy and Chatham way.

There have also been albies reported around the rips and up the east side of Monomoy; Crease Flies are effective in the rips, while sand eel patterns and your typical albie flies such as Mushmouths and Boyle’s Albie Fly are good places to start.

There have been some smaller bass working in the surf up around the old Southway and the new cut that feeds the back way into North Monomoy and eventually Morris Island; be advised that a lack of familiarity with this area can lead to becoming grounded at certain stages of the tide and fishing the surf zone can be tough with the bigger swells and breaking waves.