Monomoy Fishing Report – October 20, 2017

Although most of the charterboats that fish this area have been making very few, if any, trips lately, Andy Little told me that there are still bass being caught by folks tossing plugs and big soft plastics. Bearses has been a good spot to fish for bass, while there are still some schools of bluefish on the west side of the island.

The strong winds during the latter part of this week kept the fly fishing/light tackle folks from fishing around Point Rip and up the east side for albies, with much of this fishing being blindcastng with fast sink lines on the fly rod or letting jigs such as the Epoxy Jig or Heavy Metal Jig sink down in the water column to locate the fish. There have been times when the funny fish are on top, especially around the point, with a falling tide generally preferred by folks who fish this area regularly.