Monomoy Fishing Report – June 29, 2018

Lee Boisvert at Riverview Bait & Tackle in Yarmouth said that all of the 2011-year class fish in the waters around Monomoy Island have both charterboat and recreational anglers smiling.

A multitude of squid imitating offerings are being employed successfully, from squid and rip flies to unweighted soft plastics and Hogy Pro Tail Eels. Capt. Mike Hogan and videographer Matt Rissell fished Monomoy last week and the video from their trip is far more convincing when it comes to how good the fishing is than any words I can offer.
The flats to the west of Monomoy are also fishing very well this year, with sight casters catching fish both wading and from shallow draft boats. It’s tempting to concentrate on sand eel patterns, but those flyrodders who understand the forage base on the flats of the Cape often employ crab or shrimp patterns, as well as baby flounder flies.

Although it might sound counterintuitive, but larger, sparsely tied flat wing sand eels continue to prove their mettle in terms of delicate presentations and catching spooky fish, as opposed to the Clousers that are so commonly used.

Over the next several weeks, we should hopefully start to see the schools of small bluefish that provide great visual fishing from the entrance to Stage Harbor to Monomoy Point.