Monomoy Fishing Report – June 22, 2018

The rips and shoals are back to producing plenty of fish, which has a good number of recreational boats and the majority of the charter fleet from Hyannis, Yarmouth, Dennis, and Harwich headed that way, not to mention the Chatham boats that call this area “theirs.”

Andy Little reported that the topwater fishing has been better than the old wire line jigging with big lead parachutes; if you prefer to troll, then pulling Yo-zuri Hydro Squirts on lead core or even braid is a lot less work and far more enjoyable than pumping a 4/0 on a bendy broom stick.

Folks casting the rips with find that anything resembling a squid, such as rip flies and soft plastics such as shell squids and Hogy’s are excellent choices. I am a huge fan of tossing plugs along the rip lines and letting them swing into the rips, but I have always been surprised that more folks don’t use this technique.

As long as the squid are plentiful to keep the bass active, then the sand eel approach isn’t necessary, whether you prefer to drift through the rips bouncing fresh sand eels along the bottom or use Hogy Epoxy or Sand Eel Jigs, again bouncing them off the bottom or casting and retrieving. But keep them in mind during the slack periods when the squid uproar quiets down.