Monomoy Fishing Report – June 22, 2017

Charlie Richmond reported that a charterboat out of Hyannis had its first successful trip to the Handkerchief this week; during a half-day trip, they caught 12 legal bass and several smaller fish, all on rip flies. The water temperature is finally warming up a little over 60-degrees and that clearly has kicked things into gear.

If you’re not familiar with rip flies, they are a design that Capt. Ron Murphy of Stray Cat Charters came up with. Using nylon hair, they are tied like a parachute jig, with some of it reverse tied by the head and it flairs back when jigged. Unlike so-called fly guides who allow their customers to strip a fast sink line off the reel and then jig it, with no casting involved while still calling it fly fishing, Capt. Murphy uses conventional outfits and lead core line and avoids the hypocrisy.