Monomoy Fishing Report – July 7, 2016

Many folks who have visited this land of rips and shoals have been frustrated by a brief period of morning action and then a complete shutdown, as if someone has flipped a switch. Those anglers who have been more successful continue to jump around from rip-to-rip, or even within a series of rip lines such as Handkerchief, looking for more action.

Some spots have had bass chasing squid, with fish to the high 30-inch range on a variety of squid patterns, although typically the cephalopods are on the larger size around Monomoy at this time of year and that means going with flies that match. Big soft plastics in bone (white), bubblegum (pink), and amber are especially effective when the squid are around and remember to experiment with weighting schemes, including weighted swimbait hooks and jigheads, if the fish aren’t rising to the surface in the rip lines.