Monomoy Fishing Report – July 6, 2018

Lots and lots of boats have been fishing the rips; my buddy Capt. Warren Marshall was there earlier this week and he saw anglers using everything from umbrella rigs to live mackerel to big plugs (such as the ubiquitous Doc) and plastics such as seven and 10-inch Original Hogy’s to metal jigs to wire line and parachutes, as well as some charterboats drifting through the rips bouncing fresh sand eels. Flyrodders have had some excellent success using gaudy colored squid flies, especially orange and pink, while fishing a rip fly or shell squid on lead core line is a popular technique.

Certain tides, such as the one that I fished in the fog on Tuesday with Rich Caruso, John Menzel, and Jimmy Reardon, have produced larger bass, but overall the “recremercial” crew has been frustrated by the large numbers of bass falling below their 34-inch minimum.

One important factor to consider is the water temperature in each of the rips, with the fish often disappearing from one spot in favor of another if there is too drastic a drop or rise.

If folks are fishing up the new cut, North Monomoy, Chatham Inlet, or the North Beach cut, nobody is talking about it. Last year, big bass and bluefish were reported chowing on pogies from North Chatham to Nauset, but there really hasn’t been much said about menhaden or bunker in these waters.

Although they don’t get as much attention as the once did, I have heard whispers about the west flats fishing pretty well this season and I saw a couple wading flyrodders working the bars and troughs on Tuesday despite some windy conditions.