Monomoy Fishing Report – July 28, 2016

A wide range of techniques are producing bass around the rips and many reports this week are telling of larger fish at times.

Typically, folks either jig wire and parachutes or cast plugs and soft plastic jerkbaits above the rip line and let their offerings swing back into the white water, but there are some regulars who do really well rolling and bouncing sand eels and even seaworms as they drift between rips. This is especially popular at Bearse’s and as a bonus, picking up some nice fluke is a very real possibility.

Handkerchief has had a mix of larger bass and some big bluefish recently, while Point and Shovelful have been hit or miss, with the bite quite often really good for an hour or so followed by a complete shut off. It then becomes a search to find them again.

Although most anglers fish Monomoy during the day, there are still some that employ live eels at night, drifting from rip to rip and using enough weight, typically in the form of rubbercore sinkers to keep their snakes in the strike zone.