Monomoy Fishing Report – July 23, 2015

It’s all a matter of whom you talk to and when they were there, said Elise Costa. Bearse’s and Handkerchief have both had good action for a couple of hours at the end of the tide, with fish taken on topwater lures and flies, but there are long stretches when there appears to be no life in the rips at all.

There are small bluefish on the flats outside Stage Harbor, but the bass fishing on the flats surrounding Monomoy has been pretty quiet. Tossing flies and plastics up against the sound side of South Monomoy has produced some stripers, especially in the afternoon/evening.

The one bright spot appears to be the fishing on the east side of South Monomoy and up to South Beach; there are schools of bass running in close to the sand feeding on sand eels and they have been caught on everything from flies to soft plastics to topwaters.

What once was the hangout for the commercial gang off of Chatham and Nauset Inlet remains quiet as a church mouse.