Monomoy Fishing Report – July 21, 2016

Although most folks who fish these rips typically jig wire or casting a variety of plugs, flies, shell squids, and soft plastics, some of the best action is had by drifting seaworms or sand eels as you bounce between alternating patches of white and calm water. Using just enough weight, most often in the form of an egg sinker, provides enough depth and allows you to keep contact with your baits.

Live eels are another offering that sharpies use both day and night to coax larger and often uncooperative bass to eat, which has been a problem at times this year as in past seasons. There are enough big bluefish that will happily make short order of your snakes and moving from an area where you are left with too many cigars is a good idea.

There are some nice fluke around Monomoy, although most folks don’t concentrate on them since it is bass they seek.

Paul Newmier reported that even though there are enough bass in the low 30-inch class to keep things interesting, the vast majority of stripers in the rips this year are between 22 and 26-inches. Any hopes of finding larger fish means moving from shoal to shoal as opposed to stubbornly sticking with a favorite location that just isn’t doing it.