Monomoy Fishing Report – July 20, 2017

The rips have been maddeningly inconsistent, perhaps as a result of widely varying water temperatures from one spot to another; Lee Boisvert heard from one charter captain that the difference between Handkerchief and Bearses was 16-degrees during one of his most recent trips.

There are still some schools of small bluefish on the sound side of the islands and there is no lack of schoolies on the flats, whether you are just outside Stage Harbor, between North and South Monomoy, or on the west side.

Monomoy is one of those places where you can stuck in a rut, doing the same old thing because it has worked in the past, but this season appears to be one where you have to shake things up if you want to be consistently successful. From deadsticking a shell squid from a rod in your T-top to focusing on the deeper water on both sides of the rip line with diamond or Epoxy Jigs, as well as Pro Tails and SE Barbarian Jigs, or even tossing plugs, you might uncover something that cracks the code when it comes to fussy fish. There have been reports of schools of pogies at the point and up the open water side of the islands and Rob LaBranche told me he has been selling lots of snag hooks, so that might be quite telling.

Bob Lewis and Ken Cirillo fished the rips today and managed a few bass at Hanky, but Bob admitted that the rips were dying when they got there and they came up empty at Bearses and a couple of other shoals.

They did find the schools of pogies up towards Chatham and Nauset, but there were no bass or blues harassing them. They snagged and dropped some and even slow trolled one, to no avail. Bob did report that the pogies were in shallow enough water where a flyrodder using a fast sink line and a pogy fly could do well.