Monomoy Fishing Report – July 13, 2018

Capt. Ron Murphy of Stray Cat Charters out of Hyannis has been finding consistent action around Monomoy; it has been a bit slower last week, but with the coming new moon, the currents and rips picked up, providing what Ron said “are the best conditions of the season.”

There has been a veritable fleet of boats around Bearses, especially on Monday’s and Thursday’s, which are commercial bass days, but Ron emphasized that he has been moving around and finding bass in many of the other named rips that extend south, east, and west from the point.

Since Ron created it years ago, his rip fly is prominently featured on his charters and it does a great job when there are squid in the rips, which has been the case in a big way this week. A combination of hot pink and fluorescent yellow has been particularly effective recently, but Ron acknowledged that folks tossing soft plastics and plugs have also been doing well.
A common practice around Monomoy, as well as rips in the sounds where bass feed heavily on squid earlier in the season, is to drift shell squids back into the white water and watch the stripers whack them around. That said, Ron pointed out that one problem is that one of the many birds working over the rips will often pick up one of these baits, hooking itself in the process as one did this week on his boat.

I guess for most folks it has been a blessing in disguise, but bluefish have been pretty much absent from the rips this year, with only an occasional one taken despite all of the squid.

There are also reports of some good striper fishing on the flats that sit to the west of Monomoy, with fish up to 30-inches being caught by flyrodders on everything from sand eel to crab and shrimp patterns, while spin anglers really need to lighten up and avoid tossing big plugs and other lures during the daylight hours. These options can work if you fish the bars and sloughs at night, but during the day, smaller, unweighted soft plastics are a better choice.