Monomoy Fishing Report – July 13, 2017

Bob Lewis told me about a new venture from started by Jamie Bassett, a local shellfisherman who has been working the waters around Monomoy for decades. For $35 round trip, Jamie provides ferry service on his Carolina Skiff from the stairs at the Wildlife Refuge on Morris Island to South Monomoy. Bob reported “ I had a chance to go on the maiden voyage yesterday with Scott and we explored some very cool areas. We had some challenges with fog, thunder and keeping track of some nearby storms. No monsters, but we caught fish everywhere we went. I enjoyed some good success with a crab fly, but due to fog and clouds, was blind casting.” Scott Dietrich, who runs kayak charters himself, has been helping Jamie get Monomoy Adventures off the ground and Bob said things should be up and running by next week.

It’s good to hear that so many of flats that became pretty much lifeless once the old Southway closed are once again alive with fish and life.

Meanwhile, out at the rips, Handkerchief is apparently producing the most consistent action, but as is the case with all of the rips, the window of good fishing can be frustratingly brief. A changing tide at first light has been the target for many anglers, with squid imitations the preferred lures. As Bob does, you can set up a shell squid on a dead stick rod placed in a rod holder from your T-top, if you have one, while either swinging squid flies into the rip on a fly rod or just dropping them back into the rip on a conventional outfit set up with leadcore line.

Slack water or just before when the current slows is no time to slack off, as red/white, red/yellow, all white, or pink pencil poppers can aggravate some big bass or blues to take a swing at them. And, of course, big soft plastics rigged up a multitude of ways are tough to beat in the rips that make Monomoy such a magical place.