Monomoy Fishing Report – August 3, 2017

There is no lack of fish in and around Monomoy this week; in fact, there were reports that more boats that sell bass were fishing there today as many of the bass were over the 34-inch commercial limit.

The interesting thing is that the stripers weren’t necessarily in the rips themselves, with several reports of slow fishing at Handkerchief, Shovelful, and other areas known for strong currents and fast fishing. As Bob Lewis told me after fishing there on Monday, the concentration of bass they found around Bearses wasn’t in the rips, but was well north of the white water where there was a concentration of sand eels. Apparently, on one tide, the fish were popping up here and there, making in tough to get on them and the charterboats jigging wire were doing better. Once the tide switched, however, there were large concentrated schools of bass up to 40-inches pushing bait.