Monomoy Fishing Report – August 25, 2016

Bob Lewis reported that he went to the rips yesterday with Ken Cirillo and Charlie Richmond and they saw far more boats that fish caught at Bearses. They did manage some smaller bass on squid flies and had some come up and take a swing at Smack-it poppers, although I prefer pencil popper when it comes to rip fishing since they create a wagging movement that the bass seem to prefer.

Some big bass continue to be caught by boats trolling parachutes and bulb squids, along with folks who call it fly fishing when they troll squid flies on heavy sink lines. Hey, as I like to say, whatever floats your boat, but if you ain’t casting, it ain’t fly fishing. That sure makes me sound like a purist, which I am, but I will never admit that jigging flies on a long wand isn’t productive.

For some reason, Handkerchief is apparently filled with more bluefish than bass this year, but if you like light tackle action, trying to move a big chopper out of the rips is a lot of fun. There are numerous plastic plugs such as Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers and Tsunami Talking Poppers, which are also pencils, that withstand far more abuse than a wooden plug and they’re cheaper as well. One idea is to drill and fill them with a little water to give them added distance and to help them handle the rough waters and currents that Monomoy is known for.

Some folks are also doing the sand eel bounce, with either fresh sand eels and a sliding egg sinker or a number of artificial lures, many of which feature sand eel oil. This technique can be especially productive if you have less experienced anglers on the boat, thereby avoiding tangled equipment from casting.